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Born in 1982 in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, artist Joe Helmore now lives and works in South Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at Massey University, Wellington in 2005 and has exhibited widely in New Zealand and Australia since.

Helmore chooses the animal figurative and landscape as his subjects, in both large and smaller scale. His paintings invite the viewer into his unique vision through semi-abstracted vistas and thoughtful geometric mark making.

Helmore’s animal paintings draw on the consciousness of each creature, “The being inside the beast”, with a strong focus on evocative and emotional connectivity, achieved through his deft use of ‘the gaze’. The result is an unspoken dialogue between viewer and subject, the known and the unknown.

Working with the landscape, Helmore employs a minimal palette with soft, diffused highlights to capture variations in light and mood. Volume and structure are built and intensified through enhancement and restraint of light and shadow, while bold graphic disruptions result in work that is both abstract and figurative.

Helmore is an established Australasian artist who has been painting full-time since 2015. His works can be found among collections in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

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Inspired by one of the oldest art forms - primitive drawings on the rock walls of caves.

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Represented by

Parnell Gallery: Auckland, New Zealand


Upcoming Exhibitions

1/8/2019 - SOLO “Flinders Grit” SALA festival, Murdoch Hill Winery, Adelaide Hills, Australia

17/9/2019 SOLO “Us” Parnell Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Selected Exhibitions


-AK Bellinger Gallery, NSW, Australia

-Murdoch Hill Winery, Adelaide Hills, Australia.


-SOLO “New works” Parnell Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

-The 2018 biennial Adelaide park lands art prize exhibition ($20000 prize). Adelaide, Australia


-SOLO "Ditch" ICI Gallery, Paddington, Sydney, Australia

-9x5 Landscape Prize exhibition, Woollahra, Sydney, Australia

-Martine Gallery, Sydney, Australia

-Parnell Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand



-Martine Gallery, Sydney, Australia

-The Other Art Fair Sydney, Sydney, Australia

-The Signature Piece Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

-The NZ art show, Wellington, New Zealand



-The Fête, Culverden, New Zealand

-The Signature Piece Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

-The NZ art show, Wellington, New Zealand



2002-2005   Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, Massey University


Awards & Prizes

2018 Finalist. Adelaide Park Lands Art prize, Adelaide, Australia

2017 Finalist. 9x5 Landscape Prize 2017, Woollahra, Sydney, Australia

2016 2nd place. Signature Piece Art Award, Wellington, New Zealand

2015 Finalist. Signature Piece Art Award, Wellington, New Zealand



2015 Tiger Beer.



2017   Write up from Studio Home

2016 A mention in The Sydney Morning Herald

2016   Write up from Studio Home

2015   Interview for Concert Playground.

2015   Write up from Tiger Beer




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